We’re making major investments in child care, housing and transportation to make life more affordable for more people and families.

Homes for B.C.

We’re continuing our 10-year Homes for B.C. plan – launched in 2018 – with record funding for affordable housing.

Nearly 32,000 homes are complete or underway in communities across the province.

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Free transit for kids 12 and under

We’re helping children get to school and activities, while reducing transportation costs for families.

Over 34,000 children 12 and under can now ride for free on B.C. buses.

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More mixed-income housing

We’re accelerating the construction of mixed-income housing through BC Housing’s Community Housing Fund, and adding new resources for the HousingHub to give middle-income people more affordable rental and homeownership opportunities.

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Tackling homelessness

We’re increasing supports and services for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness, and delivering more permanent supportive housing options.

We're also investing in complex care housing for people with significant mental health, substance use and other complex challenges.

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Helping people who receive income and disability assistance

Having delivered the largest ever permanent rate increase, we’re improving quality of life for people on income and disability assistance.

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Making B.C.’s food supply more secure

Supporting B.C.’s local food suppliers and food producers to make sure people have local food security for years to come through Grow BC, Feed BC and Buy BC.

We’re also helping new and small farmers expand local food production, creating a regional food hub network, and encouraging people in B.C. to support local businesses and jobs.

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Investing in quality, affordable child care

Affordable child care is essential to B.C. families. That’s why we’re cutting average child care fees by 50% for children under six by the end of 2022, helping tens of thousands of families continue paying less for child care.

We’ve already funded 26,000 new child care spaces since 2018 and, together with the federal government, will fund 40,000 spaces by March 2028. And we’re investing in our early childhood education workforce – we’ve already doubled the number of training opportunities since 2018 and are adding 130 more training seats each year, for the next three years.

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Keeping seniors in their homes for longer

We’re making sure seniors have more affordable housing to rent or own; access to home improvement and rental assistance programs, like SAFER; and strengthening home care.

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Eliminating bridge tolls, making life more affordable

By scrapping unfair tolls on the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges, we’re saving families and commercial drivers thousands of dollars a year on their transportation costs.

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Bringing down the cost of child care for more families

We’re making sure parents are able to cover the cost of child care by providing eligible families with monthly payments through the Affordable Child Care Benefit.

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Making driving more affordable for more people

We made the biggest rate reduction in ICBC’s history, saving people an average of 20% in 2021 on their car insurance and helping to bring the cost of everyday life down in B.C.

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Helping people make the switch to cleaner energy

We’ve increased residential rebates to help people make the switch to high-efficiency heating equipment, like heat pumps, which will save them money, energy and will help reduce greenhouse gases.

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Eliminated MSP premiums

With the end of Medical Services Plan premiums in Dec. 2019, families in B.C. are saving up to $1,800 a year and individuals up to $900 a year.

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Access to Adult Basic Education and English Language Learning

Domestic students can access Adult Basic Education (ABE) and English Language Learning programs tuition-free at 18 public post-secondary institutions in B.C. School districts also provide tuition-free ABE programs.

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Doubling $10 a day child care spaces

We’re improving affordability for families across B.C. – and ensuring that quality early childhood education is guaranteed for years to come. The number of $10 a day child care spaces in B.C. will increase to 12,500 by end of 2022.

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Continuing the tax-free B.C. Child Opportunity Benefit

We’re helping make things easier for families in B.C. by providing parents of children under the age of 18 with tax-free monthly payments through the B.C. Child Opportunity Benefit.

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