Better services

Services people rely on like health care, child care and housing have supported people through the pandemic and recent climate-related disasters. We are working to make services better and put people first.

Supporting families with more child care spaces

We’re creating more available child care spaces for children under 6, increasing before- and after-school care spaces, and nearly doubling the number of school districts offering the Seamless Day program.

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Streamlining health care services

We’re getting people the care and treatment they need, quickly, by reducing wait times for surgeries, increasing availability of MRI’s and cancer screening services, and providing faster results.

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Bigger parks, more campsites

We’re adding up to 100 new campsites to BC Parks every year starting in 2022. We’re also improving our campground reservation system, acquiring new land to expand our parks, and improving trails and park infrastructure.

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Providing quality care for seniors

As we move through the pandemic, we’re continuing to keep residents and staff at assisted-living and long-term care facilities safe and protected.

We’re also increasing the number of care aides and community care providers who deliver quality home care to seniors.

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Building stronger supports for sexual assault survivors

People throughout B.C. will have better access to service centres providing crisis response, counselling, exams, reporting mechanisms and child protective services.

With $22 million over three years, we are restoring stable funding for community-based sexual assault response services.

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Creating accessible and culturally safe health care services

We are tackling systemic racism in B.C.’s health care system through training and education.

We’re also adding new Urgent and Primary Care Centres throughout the province and supporting First Nations Primary Health Care Centres as we build a more equitable health care system for everyone in B.C.

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Growing our healthcare workforce

We know how important it is to grow, recruit and retain the health-care workers required to meet the needs of people in B.C. We’re adding over 600 new nurse-training seats to build a better, stronger health care system, while also providing rewarding, long-term and family-supporting careers.

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Building paths to recovery for people struggling with addictions

Every person’s path to recovery and wellness looks different. That’s why we’re making the largest investment in mental health and addictions services in B.C.’s history.

With an investment of $500 million, we’ll create a full spectrum of substance use treatment and recovery services.

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Faster connectivity for B.C. communities

We’re connecting more First Nations, rural and remote communities to high-speed internet, and expanding cellular access along major roads and highways – expanding access to digital markets, and helping more people, communities and local businesses succeed.

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Building new hospitals, schools and roads

To better deliver the services people count on, we’re building new and expanded hospitals and health facilities - like the new Surrey Hospital and Cancer Centre, and new cancer centres in Kamloops and Nanaimo.

We’re also building and improving schools, highways, water and wastewater facilities, recreation centres, and investing in transit projects.

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Improving mental health supports for youth and young people

Positive mental health is important at all ages. Youth and young people in B.C. need accessible supports and the ability to get help virtually.

That’s why we’re expanding Foundry centres, to a total of 23 B.C. communities, and adding integrated supports in 15 additional school districts.

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Building the health care systems British Columbians need now

As part of B.C.’s primary care strategy, we’ve added new 53 new primary care networks throughout the province.

We’ve also opened 26 new Urgent and Primary Care Centres, with 14 more centres opening in 2022/2023.

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Year-round B.C. Wildfire Service

By transforming the B.C. Wildfire Service into a proactive, year-round service, we’re working to help people on the ground better prepare for future wildfires, and putting more emphasis on prevention and mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

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