Resources to help get you back to work

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Resources to help get you back to work

We’re training people to get ready to fill high-demand jobs, so B.C. can come back stronger from the pandemic. WorkBC can help you train for a new career, upgrade your skills, or explore new opportunities.

Indigenous Peoples

Find jobs, training and education funding support for Indigenous peoples.

New to B.C.

Find the resources you need to find a job and succeed in the B.C. job market.


Explore careers, education and funding available in B.C. Find a job or start a business.

Mature Workers

Access specialized job search services and programs to help you find the right fit.


Find resources to help change or advance your career, like business mentoring or trades training.

Counsellors, Teachers and Parents

Find resources to help inspire youth to achieve their potential.

People with Disabilities

Access a broad spectrum of resources for people with disabilities.

Working During Covid-19

Find resources to help you navigate the world of work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taking action to help British Columbians

When the pandemic hit, we took immediate action to keep British Columbians safe and get people the help they needed.

  • Supports for people: we provided renters relief, a $1000 Emergency Benefit for Workers, income supports, tax relief, a Hydro credit, and more.
  • Supports for communities: we kept B.C. ferries operating, made sure local travel was safe, made sure local governments had resources to provide services for people, and connected more people with high-speed internet.
  • New rules to protect everyone: we stopped evictions and introduced job-protected leave. And to protect people’s health, we pushed to close the Canada-USA border, required returning travellers to quarantine, and introduced fines for breaking public health rules.
  • Effective public health response: to keep people safe, we brought in COVID-19 testing, contact tracing, and clear guidelines. We made sure hospitals were prepared for a possible surge in cases and acquired protective equipment for health care workers.

When the pandemic hit, we took immediate action to keep British Columbians safe and get people the help they needed.

  • Travel quarantine & border closures: we pushed the federal government to quickly close the border with the United States and require returning travellers to quarantine.
  • Fixed problems in long-term care: we made immediate changes to limit workers to one facility and fixed other problems in long-term care that were causing outbreaks.
  • Prepared hospitals: we ordered over 480 ventilators, 600 beds, stretchers and mattresses, while postponing non-urgent surgeries, to prepare for a possible surge in hospitalizations.
  • Testing & contact-tracing: we implemented a strategic testing and contact-tracing strategy to stop COVID-19 outbreaks quickly.
  • Job-protected leave: we brought in new job protections and other supports so people could self-isolate without fear of losing their jobs or homes.

When the pandemic hit, we took immediate action to keep British Columbians safe and get people the help they needed.

  • Emergency Benefit for Workers: we provided people with a tax-free $1,000 one-time payment if their ability to work was affected by the pandemic. The BC Emergency Benefit for Workers (BCEBW) supplemented the CERB.
  • Helping the most vulnerable: we gave people an additional $300 per month if they received income assistance, disability assistance, or senior’s supplement and were not receiving the CERB.
  • Renters relief: we helped renters pay rent with up to $500 per month in temporary relief and a moratorium on most evictions.
  • Extra support: we provided most British Columbians with payments of up to $564 through an expanded BC Climate Action Tax Credit.
  • Hydro credit: we gave BC Hydro customers a three-month credit if they lost income during the pandemic, saving people an average of $477.

When the pandemic hit, we took strong action to get British Columbians the help they needed - like income supports, tax relief and direct funding for people, businesses and services. Government actions to support businesses include:

  • Commercial property tax cut: cut most commercial property tax bills by an average 25%, providing up to $700 million in relief.
  • Deferred EHT payments: businesses could defer Employer Health Tax Payments (EHT) until September 2020 (*now extended to December 2020).
  • Deferred PST payments: businesses could defer payments for PST, hotel tax, carbon tax, motor fuel tax and tobacco tax.
  • Business support service: established the B.C. Business COVID-19 Support Service to help B.C. businesses find resources and supports.
  • BC Hydro credit: small businesses who closed due to COVID-19 can have their BC Hydro bills forgiven for three months, saving an average $363.

When the pandemic hit, we took immediate action to get British Columbians the help they needed.

  • Safe local travel: we helped the public understand and adopt safe travel practices within B.C., providing a lifeline to small tourism operators.
  • New rules to protect everyone: we cracked down on the small number of people who put us all at risk by restricting US pleasure boat traffic and large parties.
  • Internet connectivity: we worked fast to help bring more communities online with funding through the COVID-19 Connectivity Response intake.
  • BC Ferries: we kept people moving safely and communities connected by keeping BC Ferries operating.
  • Helping local governments: we responded quickly to concerns from local governments by addressing cash-flow and revenue issues brought on by COVID-19.

Current Supports:

Apply for the B.C. Emergency Benefit for Workers

People can apply now for the B.C. Emergency Benefit for Workers, a one-time, tax-free $1,000 payment for B.C. residents whose ability to work has been affected due to COVID-19. Applications open until December 2, 2020.

COVID-19 Crisis Supplement

People are receiving a $300 COVID-19 Crisis Supplement on their monthly cheques if they receive income assistance or disability assistance and are not receiving federal benefits (EI or CERB), continues until December 2020.

B.C. Child Opportunity Benefit

Families can receive the B.C. Child Opportunity Benefit starting October 20, 2020 — a refundable personal income tax credit that provides an enhanced monthly payment to parents of children until 18.

Tax Deferrals for Businesses

Businesses can defer payments for provincial sales tax (PST), hotel tax, carbon tax, motor fuel tax and tobacco tax until September 30, 2020.

Employer Health Tax Deferral

Businesses can defer payments for the employer health tax (EHT) until December, 2020.

B.C. Senior’s Crisis Supplement

People are receiving a $300 B.C. Senior’s Crisis Supplement if they receive the B.C. Senior’s Supplement, until December 2020.