Supporting people and families into the future

COVID-19 changed work in B.C. Our plan gives people the support they need to get back to work today, and prepares people for opportunities in a post-pandemic world. To do that, we’re creating jobs, training people to work in high-demand fields — like health care — and opening more child care spaces faster.

Creating more jobs and opportunities

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More homes for people

Dramatically expanding B.C.’s HousingHub to create almost 9,000 more homes for middle income families throughout the province.

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BC Recovery Benefit

Providing a one-time, tax-free payment of up to $1,000 for eligible families and single parents, and up to $500 for eligible individuals. Budget 2021 includes $100 million to continue to fund the BC Recovery Benefit. People can apply until June 30, 2021.

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Jobs and training for young people

Creating more opportunities for youth and making sure the pandemic doesn’t disrupt their future success. Budget 2021 includes new investments in post-secondary education, skills training and employment.

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Jobs for youth protecting natural spaces

Helping youth land their first jobs looking after B.C.’s coastline, parks and trails.

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Permanent increase to assistance rates

Delivering the largest-ever permanent increase to income assistance and disability assistance rates. Since 2017, income assistance rates have increased by up to 53%.

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Jobs helping to end the pandemic

Hiring hundreds of tourism and hospitality staff laid off through the pandemic to support with B.C.’s immunization plan as non-clinical staff at immunization clinics throughout the province.

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500 new jobs in wildfire protection

Creating over 500 new jobs across rural B.C. in wildfire protection to make sure we are better prepared for future wildfire seasons.

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Fast-track skills training programs

Helping people quickly get trained to work in high-demand jobs and start work immediately—like frontline health positions. We're also investing an extra $17 million in skills training for Indigenous communities.

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More jobs in clean tech

Spurring the creation of good-paying, clean-tech jobs through a new Centre for Innovation and Clean Growth — a part of CleanBC.

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New opportunities for forestry workers

Investing in new opportunities for young forestry workers, while helping older workers bridge to a comfortable and dignified retirement.

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Doubling $10-a-day child care spaces

We’re working to make quality and affordable child care available for all families, including more than doubling the number of $10-a-day child care spaces. We’re also creating more free, culturally relevant child care for Indigenous families through the Aboriginal Head Start program, and improving wages for early childhood educators (ECE).

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3,000 new jobs as health care workers

Hiring 3,000 people who have been hard hit by the pandemic – like hospitality workers – and giving them free training. This means new careers for people and better care for people in our long-term care and assisted-living facilities.

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Jobs in building a stronger B.C.

Investing in new roads, hospitals, bridges, schools, and child care centres will support tens of thousands of jobs and training opportunities.

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Health Care Assistant

Apply for free on-the-job training through the Health Career Access Program.

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construction manager leaning on work table

Construction Manager

Explore a career in B.C.’s booming construction industry. Ask your employer for help to upgrade your technical skills.

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early childhood educator with small child both wearing masks

Early Childhood Educator

Explore a career helping young children learn and thrive. Apply for an ECE student bursary to help pay for your certificate.

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Become an apprentice and earn-as-you-learn with financial support from WorkBC’s Apprentice Service Program.

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Information Systems Analyst

Explore a career in B.C.’s growing technology sector.

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Explore a career helping B.C. businesses and organizations adapt and move forward.

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*Filming took place before the COVID-19 pandemic

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