Stronger Communities

Even before the pandemic, B.C. was making the largest investment in community infrastructure ever. Our recovery plan keeps building a cleaner stronger future with new infrastructure, essential services, and strong supports for local governments. We’re helping communities better respond to emergencies, study and work remotely, while protecting the environment.

Making communities better

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Support for communities

Helping communities deliver essential services and tackle local challenges through hundreds of millions of dollars as BC’s approach to recovery.

Cleaner, more efficient public transit

Keeping people moving with up to $1 billion in new investments for public transit — supporting BC Transit, TransLink and BC Ferries.

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More energy efficient buildings

Lowering energy bills and cutting carbon pollution through energy efficient building upgrades — a part of CleanBC.

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Cleaner transportation

Helping people to get around and reduce pollution with an electric vehicle rebate, building more active transportation infrastructure, and working with the commercial transport sector to use lower emission vehicles — a part of CleanBC.

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Keeping schools safe

Making sure schools can keep kids and staff safe during the pandemic. Extra support will help add more custodial positions and hand-cleaning stations, as well as buying masks and protective equipment.

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High-speed internet all over B.C.

Delivering high-speed internet connectivity to rural and remote communities to make sure British Columbians can work and study from home — no matter where people live.

Moving businesses to clean hydro-electric power image

Moving businesses to clean hydro-electric power

Moving more B.C. businesses from fossil fuels to clean, hydro-electric power to reduce air pollution and tackle climate change — a part of CleanBC.

Making B.C.s food supply more secure image

Making B.C.’s food supply more secure

Supporting B.C.’s local food suppliers to make sure British Columbians can get access to local food for years to come. We’re also helping increase the resiliency of new and small farmers to expand local food production.

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Helping local organizations

Supporting arts and cultural organizations that have been hard-hit during the pandemic.

Hiring more people with disabilities image

Hiring more people with disabilities

Providing new grants to support non-profits who hire British Columbians living with disabilities and people who face other barriers to employment.

Tackling homelessness image

Tackling homelessness

Investing in major new projects to help address homelessness and improve community safety.

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Supporting local tourism

Helping small communities build, diversify, and grow their tourism infrastructure. And supporting businesses who have been hard-hit by the pandemic — like hospitality, retail, and tourism operators.

Building community infrastructure image

Building community infrastructure

Building and improving important infrastructure like roads, bridges and walkways, enhancing regional ports, and investing in parks — a part of CleanBC.

Over 1,000 new jobs protecting natural spaces image

Over 1,000 new jobs protecting natural spaces

Hiring 1,000 people to protect the environment and help prepare for the effects of climate change. That means new jobs for people in hard-hit hospitality, recreation, and tourism sectors — a part of CleanBC.

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B.C.’s pathway to a cleaner, better future

CleanBC stimulus measures play a central part in BC’s Recovery Plan. The measures will reduce pollution, help communities prepare for a changing climate, restore watersheds and habitat, enhance local food security, and diversify our economy.

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