Homes for people, faster

We’re taking action to build and deliver more homes for people, faster.

We are tackling big challenges head on, fixing outdated zoning rules, building more homes closer to amenities and transit, and speeding up approval processes. We’re also taking action to stop speculators, reducing vacant homes, and reining in the short-term rental market to open up more long-term homes for people.

 Connect to housing services now

Add additional units to your home or property

New rules are making it easier, faster and more affordable to add a second, third or even fourth unit to your home. There are also standardized designs being developed to help home builders, both big and small, develop more duplexes, triplexes and row homes.

Secondary Suite Incentive Program

Do you have an unfinished basement or portion of your property that could be turned into a secondary suite? The Secondary Suite Incentive Program will provide money for eligible homeowners with the costs of creating a new secondary suite on their property to be rented out.

$400 dollar credit for renters 

If you are currently renting in B.C. you could be eligible to receive up to $400 through the new B.C. renter’s tax credit.

No action is required outside of completing your yearly income tax and benefit form (T1).

Find out if you are eligible for this credit.

Residential Tenancy Branch 

B.C. is improving services and wait times for tenants and landlords at the Residential Tenancy Branch.

Are you being unfairly evicted? Is a tenant not paying rent? Get a dispute resolved quicker or submit a complaint for investigation. 

Rental assistance programs

Rental assistance programs are available for those who qualify to help with rent costs. 

Rent Bank support for short-term financial challenges

Budget 2024 – Taking action for you

Building more homes for middle-income earners

First-time home buyers exemption

New B.C. Home Flipping Tax

 Building and delivering more homes, faster

Building more homes for middle-income earners

Simplifying the building permit process

A four story residential complex with alternating wood panels of blue and beige.

Building thousands of subsidized housing people can afford

A row of tall brick townhouses with pointed roofs and white panelled bay windows on a grey day in Winter.

Delivering more secondary suites, townhouses, duplexes, and triplexes in communities

Building more vibrant neighbourhoods near transit

Secondary suite incentive pilot program

Creating housing targets so more people can live closer to where they work

A crane is seen above a building in construction on a sunny day.

Speeding up permitting and approvals to get homes built faster

A young Asian woman is seen sitting at her desk, smiling in front of a laptop while wearing earbuds.

Building more homes on campus for post-secondary students

A red duplex between two grey duplexes on a residential street with freshly planted trees.

New development tools to help build more sustainable communities

Making homes more affordable for people and protecting renters

Protecting renters from bad faith evictions

Starting July 18, landlords will have more support and renters will have more protection when renters are evicted from a unit for the landlord’s personal or caretaker use. Landlords will need to submit notices through an online web portal.

A young couple holds boxes as they move into a new place together.

New Renters Tax Credit

A couple hold their two children's hands in front of a building complex, smiling at the children.

18+ age restrictions removed on stratas

A young biracial couple sit on a sofa together looking at a laptop. Moving boxes appear around them.

Annual rent increases capped well below inflation

A white man is seen from behind while he works on maintaining a window sill's drywall inside a room.

Strata rental bans: removed

An Asian woman sits at her desk at home while her daughter puts her arms around her and her head on her mother's shoulder. The daughter is smiling at the camera while the woman smiles at her child.

Taking action to protect affordable rentals

 Supporting those with the greatest housing need

With rising costs from global inflation and a time when life feels uncertain for many, it’s more important than ever to work together to solve big challenges and support those in need. That’s why we are taking action and increasing the amount of support, shelter and housing available for those at risk or experiencing homelessness, as well as support for those with an unexpected financial crisis.

First-time home buyers exemption

A young boy smiles wide at the camera standing in front of his family members. Three adults are seen in the background, with the woman on the left holding a young baby in her lap.

BC Rent Bank support for financial emergencies

Shot of the sign and front facade of 258 Union Street in Vancouver, a low-income housing residence.

Building more supportive housing to prevent homelessness

A caretaker and older adult laughing together. The older adult sits in a chair while the caretaker sits on the armrest.

More housing for people with complex care needs

A woman is wearing her baby, has her arms wrapped around the infant and kisses their cheek. They are in front of a window with light blue trim.

More safe, supportive homes for women and children leaving violence

A modern, modular building on a rainy day. It's facade alternates between dark and light grey, with a splash of orange around the front door. Dark wood panels are around the second and third story windows.

Delivering temporary modular housing throughout B.C.

Creating a housing market for people, not speculators

New B.C. Home Flipping Tax

Turning short-term rentals into homes for people

A residential area with standalone houses on a street with cherry blossom trees at the beginning of Spring on a sunny day.

Expanding the Speculation and Vacancy Tax

A For Sale sign outside a residential dwelling.

New Homebuyer Protection Period

Cracking down on criminal activity in real estate

Removing hidden money in B.C. Real Estate

Expanding + Increasing the Foreign Buyers Tax

Chart 1 – Bar chart: homes breakdown by categories

The first chart is a bar chart, providing a detailed breakdown of homes across different categories – BC Housing, Student Housing, SPEC Tax Metro Van, CMHC Rental Finance, and Other – under the three statuses: Complete, Under Construction, and In Progress, as of December 31, 2023.

BC Housing:

Complete: 19,359
Under Construction: 9,272
In Progress: 7,116
Total: 35,747

Student Housing:

Complete: 4,564
Under Construction: 2,538
In Progress: 664
Total: 7,766

SPEC Tax Metro Van:

Complete: 20,805
Total: 20,805

CMHC Rental Finance:

Complete: 2,367
Under Construction: 6,158
In Progress: 2,475
Total: 11,000


Complete: 600
In Progress: 2,000
Total: 2,600

Chart 2 – Pie chart

The chart illustrates the overall distribution of homes based on their statuses: Completed, Under Construction, and In Progress. The total number of homes is 77,918

Completed: Represents 61.2% of the total (47,695 homes)
Under Construction: Represents 23.1% of the total (17,968 homes)
In Progress: Represents 15.7% of the total (12,255 homes)