En faisant passer les personnes en premier, nous bâtissons une Colombie-Britannique plus forte pour tout le monde.

Vous n’êtes pas seuls face à l’adversité. Notre grande priorité est de vous aider à traverser, avec votre famille, les temps difficiles – l’augmentation du prix des produits de base, la pénurie de médecins et la crise du logement – tout en construisant l’avenir.

A caretaker in blue scrubs holds the arm of an older adult in a care facility. They are both wearing medical masks and the patient is seen wearing a cardigan, presumably using a walker.

Soins de santé

A childcare worker sitting at a small table with two young children. The worker and one child are smiling while paying attention to the other child while they all play with Play-Doh.

Coût de la vie

The top half of a residential building with pointed roofs. The building is red and cream coloured with patios, lots of windows, and light wood beams for reinforcement.


A young white woman with curly red hair sits at her desk and smiles and points to the image on her screen while a man of colour stands over her shoulder, leaning on the desk and looking at the monitor.

Emplois et formation

Two woman walk together on a city sidewalk carrying reusable grocery bags. One woman is carrying her baby while the other holds the baby's hand. They are both wearing reusable cloth masks.

Collectivités sécuritaires

The backs of two people seen from afar on a trail in the forest with sunlight breaking through the trees onto their path.

Action climatique

Open pages to B.C.'s Economic Plan. Pages feature explanations for Inclusive Growth and Clean Growth sections.

Plan économique

A mosaic of photos make the shape of people standing together of varying ages and demographics.

Budget de 2023