Jobs and training

B.C. is taking action to create jobs, train people to work in high-opportunity fields and support businesses to adapt and grow. We’re making sure people have the skills they need to fill the jobs of tomorrow, connecting more people to high-speed internet, and building on B.C.’s strengths.

Jobs and training for young people

We are creating more opportunities for youth and making sure the pandemic doesn’t disrupt their future success, including new investments in post-secondary education, health care training programs, and skilled trades certification.

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Opportunities for Workers

Supporting local workers and underrepresented groups, by expanding opportunities in the construction workforce through Community Benefits Agreements for key projects.

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Helping B.C. businesses hire and grow

Making sure high-potential businesses have more opportunities to scale-up, retain talent and create good jobs with funding from InBC, a $500-million strategic investment fund.

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Supporting arts and culture

We’re targeting funding to support arts and culture through AmplifyBC and doubling the budget for the Arts Infrastructure Program, to help with things like the construction of new cultural spaces, expansion of existing spaces or purchasing new equipment.

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Creating opportunities for underrepresented entrepreneurs

New entrepreneur training and business support for Indigenous Peoples and traditionally underrepresented groups.

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Training people to get jobs in trades and tech

Building a new Trades and Technology Complex at BCIT to train people to fill the high-demand jobs opening up in B.C.

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1 million jobs for British Columbians

In the next decade, B.C. will have over 1 million new job openings in fields like health care, technology, education, social services and skilled trades. These jobs will help people support their families and build secure futures. New grads and people planning to change career paths will have skills training and employment opportunities available to them.

We’re building an inclusive economy and making sure everyone has the opportunity to develop skills and find rewarding jobs of the future.

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Growing B.C.’s life science sector

People in the province and around the world will benefit from the innovative work of B.C.’s life sciences sector as we invest more in new talent, lab space and health research.

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Expanding manufacturing in B.C.

We are creating more domestic manufacturing capability, increasing cross-sector collaboration, and supporting new jobs and high-value sustainable goods across sectors.

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Encouraging people to buy local

Encouraging people to support their local farmers, businesses and jobs by buying local through, Buy BC.

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Preparing tourism to welcome visitors again

We are continuing to work with business and tourism operators to make sure B.C.’s tourism sector is poised to welcome back the world.

This includes support to bring back business and entertainment events, expanded marketing of B.C., and investing in infrastructure to help communities prepare for future visitors.

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3,000 new jobs as health care workers

We’re expanding our health care workforce and helping people find new positions.

With the Health Care Access program, we’ll create 3,000 new jobs – hiring and training new staff and building a stronger, better health care system for everyone.

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Support for forestry workers

We’ve supported more than a thousand forestry workers to retire in their communities, while creating more than 600 jobs for younger workers.

We are continuing to invest in new opportunities for younger workers affected by old growth deferrals, while helping older workers bridge to retirement.

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Jobs and training for early childhood educators

We’re providing families in B.C. with the child care they need by making investments in our early childhood education workforce.

As we expand access to child care for parents, more than 10,000 new early childhood educators will be needed in B.C.’s workforce in the next decade. With funding for training, and new seats in post-secondary programs, there is no better time to train to be an early childhood educator.

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Closing B.C.’s skills and talent gap

As we speed up talent development and skills training throughout the province, we’re also helping today’s workers upgrade their skills and train for new jobs.

This includes new skilled trades certification and more training seats for much-needed workers in the health care sector.

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B.C. Access Grants

Each year, the B.C. Access Grant helps more than 40,000 low- and middle-income students in B.C. access, afford and complete public post-secondary education and training in undergraduate degree, diploma, and certificate programs.

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Paid sick leave for workers in B.C.

Workers shouldn’t have to choose between going to work sick or losing wages.

As of Jan. 1, 2022, five paid sick days each year is standard for workers in British Columbia. B.C. is the first province in Canada to bring in a minimum standard of five days of paid sick leave every year.

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